Sunday, 27 December 2009

Jump, Jive, Rock n' rollin' - A post about 2010

I've probably said it a BILLION times but I was born in the wrong damn decade! So this time I want to go and play in the 20's, 30's, let's skip the 40's for obvious reasons and the late 50's. What has brought this on? What else? Probably the art form I have the most passion for, Music. Music is my life. It's like an addiction. Even now I'm listening to music (Louis Armstrong if you're interested) and it is because of all the music I listen to that I would love to go to various time periods and experience it first hand. Don't get me wrong, I know that the early 20Th century was filled with racism, huge class divide, the rise of the far left and far right dictatorships, Gangsters in the US and generally a lot of hate (not that different to today, but I guess people today know how to hide it better). But all of the negatives aside I would love to experience a Jazz club in Harlem, a Dixieland parade in New Orleans, A rock' roll bandstand broadcast live on TV and then go to one myself, and the many of the other awesome things that went down. Sure you can experience most of them now in some shape or form, but the spirit of the decade is no longer there, and let's face it if I broke out into a Charleston in the street nowadays I would get some pretty odd looks. So as this decade comes to an end I find myself wishing I could visit various others. But as I can't I guess I'll just find cool clothes to wear (my Swing Kid outfit!) and dance in the street anyway.

So the question I've finally reached is; what does 2010 have in store for us? 2009 was a great year for me for many reasons: In short, I had some AMAZING times with the people closest to me. So I am hoping 2010 will be just as good. Hopefully the world will sort itself out financially and we will start taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions instead of looking to one person to fix everything (usually Obama, but don't get me wrong I think he's awesome but we can't expect him to change the world all by himself without taking action ourselves). So here's hoping the world gets rid of money all together, We'll find alternative fuel that is renewable and doesn't damage the earth, the BNP will just fuck miles of off and we all start loving each other regardless of our differences (I'm such an idealist bordering on Hippie). Oh and reality TV just leaves and never comes back!

I am ready for you 2010... I think...
I hope you are too

Peace, Love and Respect. One love.

-- Tom RDD

"Anyone who doesn't like swing can become a Nazi"

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Sunday, 20 December 2009

I was there when RATM were Christmas no. 1

So the unthinkable has happened, the mediocre, corporately manufactured X-Factor winner Joe somebody didn't get to number in the UK charts. And he's the first X-Factor winner not to do so, boo hoo. As you can tell this makes me happy, and it does so for many reasons. For a start my faith that the residents of the UK actually have a taste in music (Although most of the top 20 was generic pop The Pogues and Journey made there presence known)has been restored and not everyone out there likes stale, overdone, generic, mediocre music created by a reality tv show where one of the judges has the nerve to judge a singing competition when she herself can barely sing. People "hating" on RATM claim Cowell wins regardless as he owns Sony who own "Epic" but this is not just about the battle against Cowell and the stale pop genre. This is about power to the people. Thousands of people made this possible and all for a christmas song, imgaine what we could do as a nation if we cared this much about important politcal issues such as global warming? And finally the same closed minded arguments we heard when we were 15, "It's shit, it's just screaming" Have you listened to the song? If so you would probably realise that this is not the case, and even so if you dislike it the message within the song is probably more important than anything Joe whatever his name is will ever create. A song against racism in the police force and anti-oppression, and you think it's a shit song? Well doesn't that just describe the inteligence of most of todays youth who have probably never been subjected to music with any real meaning outside the generic love songs that fill the pop genre. Anyway, this is turned into more of a rant (which wasn't my intention) so I think I will leave on a happier note:

Happy Christmas from Tom RDD


Tuesday, 15 December 2009