Monday, 1 November 2010

One Last Salute...

The idea of having a blog is becoming rather tedious I must say. The idea of putting words most people don't care about or even read on a page is becoming more and more unappealing. I used to blog a few times a week but over the last year it's become more of a hassle than a pleasure. I will usually think of something to write but then stop half way through and decide it wasn't worth it. Don't get me wrong the use of a blog to help get things of your chest is sometimes a godsend but more often than not someone somewhere will scoff and say something along the lines of "don't use the Internet as a diary" as if they have never written something out of negative emotion on their facebook page in the heat of the moment before. So judgemental hypocrites and sheer lack of motivation seem to be a big factor in not really bothering to keep this alive anymore. Sure there are plenty of things I would love to say. Things to get off my chest, to bitch, to moan, to brag etc. But it's all becoming a bit self serving, much like this post now.

To anyone who reads this in an effort to get to know what goes on underneath the facade of a happy-go-lucky 21 year old, just add me on the old facebook.

However before I sign off, for maybe the last time, I will share with you my 2010. A year that has pissed me off, slapped me in the face and was perhaps the most significant year of the last decade for me. I will make it as short and painless as possible so here goes:

2010 saw me break up with my long term girlfriend. Was I upset? yes. Was I angry? yes. Am I still bitter? A little bit. Are we still "friends"? No. Was it me or her that did the "breaking up"? Her. Do I hate her for it? I did, now I simply just don't care. Gossip over.

But if one thing did come out of the situation it was the fact I picked up my guitar and played it for hours at a time. THAT is probably the most significant thing to happen to me in 2010. I picked up a guitar, taught myself some chords, learned how to sing and play at the same time. recorded an album after only playing for 6 months (What a hero I am) and 8 months down the line I am getting better everyday. Result!

I had an "up and down" summer which saw me spend a lot of time with my very good friend Severiano, or Xavi as I call him, who has taught me a lot about life and friendship. He is a friend I can always count on. He is possibly the most loyal and greatest friend I have ever had and if you are reading this my friend, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me through a tough summer.

Recently things have been going very well. In short, I've met someone. A girl. exciting stuff. I was going through the whole "Am I really ready to start dating again?" phase and it just kind of happened. I met someone who I just got along with straight away. Someone who shares my love for music and drama. Someone who makes me smile even when I feel like crap. And someone who has given me motivation, something which has been lacking in the last few months. And there's the house of 61. I live in an incredible house with some amazing people. Some of my best friends are all under one roof and for the first time in a long time, I am happy. So there's that.

In all this I realise how idiotic it was to write all the stuff at the start about no one caring about what I had to say and about bitching online, when that is essentially what I've just done. Oh well, one last moan never hurt.

So yeah. I will leave on a positive note however. In the words of the almighty Mumford & Sons

"If you want to feel alive then learn to love your ground"


So Say We All

-- Tom RDD