Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The day of the night before Christmas...

So the big day approaches with only one more sleep to go. The whole Christmas season has got me thinking a lot about tradition and how that guides a lot of us around this time of year. For instance, in my house it is tradition to eat more food than our stomachs will allow and then spend most of the afternoon completely full and playing naff board games, which by the way are rather enjoyable slightly tipsy. But it’s not just Christmas that has made me think of tradition, today is a Wednesday, a glorious Wednesday. Mid week for most but for us student types it’s just another day to spend our student loans on alcoholic beverages in the local pub/ bar. Now this may seem odd to compare Christmas to drinking in a bar (even in my mind it sounds slightly odd) but it just makes me think of how, when everyone thinks “tradition”, we all have our own traditions that each of us will defend and protest it is the “best” way to go about something. So after a longwinded and rather pointless post, I wish you all the merriest of Christmases (or whatever it is you are celebrating this year) and I hope you have a great day, traditional or not!

Tom’s words of wisdom: I suggest not painting your corner shop a rather horrible shade of turquoise as it might make passers by feel rather ill.

peace and love

-- tom rdd

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