Thursday, 30 September 2010

This City Needs A Hero... (the beginning)

Right I have decided now is the time for a blog post. It hasn't been all that long I know and I am sure no one has missed me rambling about life but even so It's time for an update. I never really did a summer 2010 update as it were. Well what is there to say? It was a pretty emotional summer to be honest. I saw some old friends, made some new ones, had friends from university come to visit, I recorded my solo album, I battled demons and worked 39 hours a week to get some money in my pocket. So the usual few months off before Uni starts again really. I wish I could tell you that my summer was filled with adventure and excitement, and at times it was, but the majority was spent either wallowing in self pity, playing my guitar or at work.

But like all good(ish) things it came to an end and now I am back at University with a spring in my step, for this is the first time I have embarked on the University experience without worrying about certain things. Over the summer I really have become a very apathetic person. When I dealt with apathy in the past it was a depressing matter as I was unable to feel emotional connections with those I loved, now the apathy I feel is a complete disregard for pretty much everything that isn't important to me. I know this is nothing to happy about but it kind of feels good not having to worry about things for a change. I have no pressure on my shoulders to be someone I don't want to be and to do something I don't want to do, which is something I guess was thrust upon me by my situation over the last few years. So a sense of freedom is definitely putting wind in my sales. However this attitude is not so great for my degree and health so therefore I imagine I will have to do some rearranging before long but I shall deal with that when the time comes.

Anything else to report? Well, I am currently working on songs to go towards a new recording (current working title of which is "This City Needs A Hero"). I've written some new material over the last month that I really think tops anything else I've written. The majority of the music on "the city limits..." is pretty much a diary of my life between January - July 2010. The new material is still filled with stories about love, loss and all that other deep and meaningful stuff but I think it is a vast improvement on the material I started writing at the beginning of the my self-taught guitar adventure. I would also like to point out that I have only been playing guitar for about 8 months and to be where I am now, without blowing my own trumpet, is quite good really.

But anyway enough ramblings, if you would like to hear some Tom RDD music feel free to check the myspace over at:

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"Live fast. Die old"

-- Tom RDD