Thursday, 9 July 2009

the last day of being 19 years young...

Is it strange that with only hours before my birthday I find myself forgetting this fact? When I was a child I used to start compiling ideas for possible gift ideas almost straight after Christmas but as I reach the old age of twenty (I know it's not that old but when you're a kid turning twenty seems like turning fifty)I find myself less interested in gifts and more interested in the day after where I do not have to have endless phone conversations with relatives who only get in touch once a year to wish me an age which is never the correct one. I know this might sound ungrateful and miserable but getting older stopped being fun when I was 16. At 16 I was at the age where I could just about fool people into thinking I was 18 but still young enough to convince them I only had to pay child prices on the trains and in the cinema. But when I turned 18 and could drink and vote nothing else in my life really changed. My parents had been lenient about my curfew (or lack of) since I was about 16/17 so turning 18 and becoming an "adult" just meant when someone asked me for some form of I.D I didn't have to make up a story about me losing my wallet or something. So turning 20 isn't really all that exciting. It's just another age, another year closer to being an old man. But of course I will still live for the moment and enjoy my years of youth but the day of my birth is getting less and less appealing.

On a side note isn't Inland Revenue really gay? Not homosexual obviously as the Government doesn't have a sexuality, well at least not one I am aware of, but it's freaking annoying! Today I spent a good hour and half ringing Inland Revenue and my old employer trying to get a tax rebate. It just annoys me how the Government expect you to pay tax out of your hard earned cash each month and the money you owe THEM is expected it within days or weeks but when they owe YOU a couple of hundred quid it takes them months to sort it out! Not too shibby there Inland Revenue!

Peace, love and respect. As always.

-- Tom RDD


  1. If you think of it as a quarter way through your life, it doesn't sound like an old man age lol!

  2. 'It just annoys how the Government expect you to pay tax out of your hard earned cash each month'

    Taxes which fund YOUR access to free education and YOUR access to free health care, amongst a myriad of other things which we all take for granted. If you would rather not pay taxes and take a chance at funding all those things out of your own pocket, good luck.

  3. well done on taking what I said out of context. I was talking about how it was such a hassle to get back any tax Inland Revenue owe you after a financial year not the positives and negatives of paying tax.

  4. I didn't take anything out of context, I merely made a point about disagreeing with your attitude towards paying tax- had you said something like "although taxes are important, the system is still a hassle and pisses me off", rather than "the government expects me to pay money [wahh]" I wouldn't have commented at all.

    And by the way, if you owe the government money they do not expect you to pay it back within a week. Additionally they are willing to compromise with those who may not be able to pay for whatever reason. Go check out the Inland Revenue webpage.

  5. Commenting about my criticism is fine but implying I do not understand the benefits of tax when my post had nothing to do with that at all is indeed taking what I said out of context as tax pros and cons were not the topics of my post. I am not disputing that taxes are important I am simply annoyed at the situation I am in, therefore I am unlikely to compliment it before I criticise it, if you think that is a better or more effective way to write then so be it but I disagree.