Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Voodoo Glow Skulls - 4/8/09

Firstly, a little side note before I begin. To people who have left abusive comments on my blog this is for you. If you do not like my blog or the things I write don't read the damn thing. If you don't like me then it's highly likely I don't like you, therefore I probably care as much about your opinion as I do about the contents of a McDonalds bin at the end of a long day. You're wasting your time, I delete your comments quicker than it takes you to write them, don't be a prick. the end.

Now that’s over with I can write about the gig I went to last night. Last night I went to my 4th Voodoo Glow Skulls show and as ever it was a great night. First I will set the scene so you can get a feel for what it was like to be at the show. Brighton town, The Prince Albert (tiny venue probably less than 100 people capacity max), full of big sweaty punk types and a band that will get even the most boring "I will stand at the back and watch" types dancing along. I arrived in time to see the first band (Those Damn Owls) finish their set. From the little I did hear they sounded pretty good. Going straight to the bar, I spent the next half an hour listening to a thrash metal band (whose name I can't remember) that were a pretty odd choice to open for a ska band, even if said ska band were darker and had a heavier sound than most. The band was pretty solid and got a few people attempting to use their heads as propellers but finished up rather early. Next it was time to watch VDGS set up and I tell you when you stand next to or anywhere near their guitarist you feel tiny! The guy is built like a brick shit house and had got to be 6"5+. The band set up (guitarist, bassist, drummer, saxophonist, tromboner (teehee)) the introduction to their set began with some jazzed up ska which eventually lead into one of VDGS's most well known songs "Human PiƱata". The lead singer, all 6"4(ish) of him, bounces onto stage wearing a Mexican wrestling mask and begins their killer set list as people start jumping around and skanking their hearts out. Some crowed favourites make their way onto the list such as; Insubordination, Discombobulated, El Cooi Cooi, Charlie Brown, Fat Randy, Shoot The Moon, Left For Dead, Misunderstood etc. Even so I found the set list lacking to my personal VDGS taste. I shouted out for songs like Silencer and Fire In The Dancehall (neither of which they played) but as I was out of breath from dancing (that’s right I'm one those people who finds it more entertaining to dance to the music than stand near the back and watch from a far) my words were not heard. The set also missed off possibly their best song (In my opinion), which I found unforgivable. Missing "Band Geek Mafia" was a defiant no-no in my book. Even so the band played very well and got the crowed bouncing until eventually the incredibly hot room (no a/c) had to slow it down before it collectively passed out. The last song of the night (Goodnight) was dedicated to Cat, the birthday girl, and ended the great show. I left tired, sweaty, gasping for fresh air and a drink of water but immensely pleased to have seen VDGS yet again. Also to my delight they are playing ANOTHER show in Brighton on August the 18th, which I just might have to go to, in order to hear the songs they missed out the first time around...

Peace, love and respect (to a select few)

-- Tom RDD

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