Monday, 17 August 2009

World/ Inferno Friendship Society 16/8/09

Armed with a shirt and tie in the quest to become a true infinite (hardcore W/I fan) I ventured down to Brighton town with my wonderful girlfriend to see one of the most incredible bands I have had the pleasure to see live. Describing themselves as “Cult-Like, Circus related…” and a number of clever adjectives, The World/ Inferno Friendship Society are a band that you cannot pigeonhole into a certain style or genre. To date I’ve heard: punk, ska, swing, cabaret, show tunes, psychobilly and even goth thrown around in a vague attempt to describe World/ Inferno. But instead of trying to find a way to tie them down to something they might not actually be I find it easier to just go along to the shows and enjoy myself, even if dressed like a pretentious fan calling himself an “Infinite”.

Anyway back to the show. First on were a band (or part of a band) I like rather a lot. The band Sweet Sweet Lies have supported World/ Inferno the last few times I have seen them and they always bring something extra to the already wild show. As I said only part of the band were at the show, so the guitarist and pianist braved the stage alone and gave a SSL an acoustic show that was still a great experience. To give you a sense of what SSL are like, they are usually armed with a drummer, double bass, Guitarist and pianist and play songs (often about botched love experiences) in a mixture of folk, bluegrass, psychobilly and post punk. The set comprised of a fair few songs I knew (Overrated Girlfriend, No One Will Love (You Like I Do), A better You) and got the crowed bopping along in an appreciative way. Definitely a band to check out and go and see if possible.
Next up were possibly the biggest surprise, band wise, I have seen in a while. The female fronted “Bird Eats Baby” were comprised of a chello(ist?), pianist and a violinist (who looked like she could outstare a mountain and kill a man in ten paces) who all performed chilling vocals and stunning harmonies, and a bassist and drummer. The band, again, are hard to pigeonhole into a set genre. The band played horror songs about God, love, sex and hanging, none of which were the happiest of songs. But even so the band played well and with their catchy folk type rhythm and strings they got some of the crowed dancing along with them.

And now finally the moment we all had been waiting for. Jack Terrycloth gets on stage and addresses us all in his familiar suit and slicked back hair. His posture and attitude lets us all know we are in for one hell of a night. The drums start and the familiar intro to “Tattoos Fade” brings to crowed together as one as we all start to sing along. The crowed dance, jump, sing and “fuck shit up” to possibly the best live band I have ever seen. Guys in their suits and girls in dresses dancing like it’s a swing or jazz show not a punk rock cabaret. With Jack’s anecdotes added to the sheer enjoyment that is experienced when seeing World/ Inferno the night was another great show from the Brooklyn outfit. If I had a hat on at the time I would tip it to them in respect but as I didn’t I had to use my hands and voice to show my appreciation to an incredible show.

Peace, love and respect. As always.

-- Tom RDD


  1. Female fronted chelloist [sic]? Does that mean the back of her is male?

  2. haha that or I should read before publishing posts