Thursday, 10 September 2009

It's like the best dream to have, where every thing is not so bad

Well I wasn't originally going to write anything on here today because I thought anything I wrote would be too depressing and sad. Today I have had to part from the person who means the most to me in all the world and to say it hurts would be a dramatic understatement. However, I keep telling myself everything is going to be OK and that with the modern day and age it will be easy to talk everyday but anyone who has gone through the same thing will know these words will bring little comfort. But I sit here, I've wiped away the tears and I'm trying my very hardest to stay positive and keep this blog entry and positive as possible.

I think the word adventure describes life pretty well. None of us, including Derren Brown, have no idea what is coming around the corner. We don't know what will happen next and that's what is so wonderful about life, the unpredictability. At times life hurts like we never knew it could and sometimes we relive the pain we have felt before. But our lives have much much more to offer than pain. The happiness I will feel when I see her again and excitement, the anticipation, the rush makes all the pain worth while even I only get to feel that way for a few days, hours or minutes.
Let it be know my love will not die and I will go on loving her until the end of time and beyond. To some that sounds like unrealistic, young adult, romantic drivel but to me it is so much more. I don't have to prove anything to anyone about how much I love her. Our adventure together has only just begun.

Rebecca Alice Hawkes, I love you and I always will.

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