Thursday, 10 September 2009


Recently I've been feeling pretty sceptical about the world especially in areas such as global warming, animal conservation and general creating reasons to hate each other. My first thoughts about the human race is that we really don't deserve to exist. The things that have been done in the past and the things we continue to do to damage the earth and each other are quite sickening. On this planet humans alone have the power to change things like global warming and and the destruction of animal habitats, but how do we use this power? We as a race use this power to continue to destroy what we can save and nine times out of ten it is because of the greed that people have. It normally always comes down to money, money is the reason President Obama is coming under scrutiny about "free health care". And all of us who have a vague sense of intelligence are saying why are you complaining? Your health care system will no longer be based on your financial status" but that's just it, the greedy corporations don't want to have to cut their big paychecks not even in order so more people can get health care and personally I find that disgusting.

So yeah that's one reason the world has angered me as of late, when money becomes more important than human life. Another thing that really makes me think humans don't deserve to exist is the way that we constantly look for and find bullshit reasons to hate each other based on race, gender, sexual orientation etc and I find it disgusting that a group of people are allowed to start a political party based on these intolerance's and fascism. That's right the BNP this goes out to you. What kind of sick bigots would start a political party based on race hate? For those of you who do not know the BNP are derived from the National Front (NF) who held incredibly racist views. On the BNP's inception the leader at the time commented "yes we are racist 100%". So the party is founded on racism and intolerance but you would think as time progressed they might see reason apparently not. Recently the BNP was taken to court to force them to except black people into the party (why anyone from a non-white background would want to join a bunch of white supremacists I have no idea). The BNP's use of lies when it comes to immigration is well documented but the thing that really really gets me is this. They try and make out they're incredibly patriotic and attempt to sell their racist and fascist views to the veterans of WW2 and this gets me angry. For one those veterans fought against the very evil and intolerance the BNP support and that two Nick Griffon is a holocaust denier. Anyone who denies 6 million people were brutally slaughtered and instead call it a world wide Jewish Conspiracy is incredibly sick, twisted and (in my eyes) scum. But apparently they are not all that bad because almost 100,000 of the British public voted for them. Granted many voted through ignorance and apathy but that, in my eyes, is no excuse for voting for racism and hate. Freedom of speech and expression is an important human right that many countries do not have, I am in no way against it but when that right conflicts with people's rights to live free of abuse and racial intolerance I am in no way supportive of freedom of speech.

Regardless of what god or Deity you believe in they ALL preached love, respect, tolerance and understanding. Somewhere we've lost sight of that and decided that it's more fun to blame others for our own problems and rape (there is really no other word to describe it) the planet. If God/ Buddha/ Muhammad is real then they must be pissed.


  1. Muhammad was real, whether or not he can watch earth after death is another question. Go read up on Jihad and Muhhamad's military policies... Not so much love, understanding or respect there. Likewise check out the Christian bible because that is pretty unloving too.

  2. I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on either religions and I'm sure many readings are all about your own preceptions of right and wrong. But from what I know that has been told me by my friends of the muslim faith is that Islam does teach respect and to live a "just life". As for the bible, it depends which testiment you read. The new testiment which follows Jesus preaches peace and love. Either way my personal belief is that trying to find answers to the questions "why are we here, where did come from" etc shouldn't be answered with books based on the morals of a society that lived hundres to thousands of years ago.

  3. As much as I love debate and discussion I want to make it clear this was no way intended to be a religious bashing thread (Im not saying the posts above are I'm just pointing it out). My point was merely that from what knowledge I have of religious groups most of them preach some sort of message of love and tolerance.

  4. "I am in no way supportive of freedom of speech"

    You sound like a fascist to me.

  5. Did you bother reading what I wrote before that choice quote? If so you would have noticed I said free speech was important right but when it means people like Nick Griffon use that right to spread racial hate and preach racial intolerance I do not support it. That dosn't mean i'm a facist it means I'm against the BNP using their freedom of speech to conflict with a persons rights to be free of abuse and be treated as a human being not a second class citizen