Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Everybody's too be afraid to be different

I am writing this post in a vain attempt to express my despair at the current mediocrity of society. To me it certainly seems that a majority of people are happy to live there lives as generic faces barely able to create any sort of individuality about themselves and simply relying on popular culture to put them into a neat little category so they can live their lives as part of a group. Going for a night out is a perfect example of how almost everyone is generic and shows the lack of individuality in our culture. Almost everyone looks the same. Guys wearing TopMan shirts, Girls wearing top shop dresses and legging combos. Even the people who TRY and be different, like the "indie" and "emo" kids, fail as they just fall into the stereotype of skinny jeans and fringe hair cuts. I am not going to lie and pretend I am some sort of pioneer and that I am incredibly individual, I'm even using someones work to express how I feel and lets be honest that's not individuality, but I try to be as different as possible. Not because I think it's cool or because I see myself as a better person but because I can't be satisfied with being something I'm not and being just like everyone else. I try to discover new things on a weekly basis and in the last several months have discovered various forms of music I had previously never been interested in or not given much thought to (Jazz, Blues, Swing, Folk, Country, 50's Rock n' Roll, Surf, Ragtime, Dixie and the list goes on). I know this seems like a bit of a rant and one that is very much in vain as I highly doubt people will leave the safety net of popular culture for fear of being different, but I implore any reader to try and do something different everyday. Something you may not have done before, listened to before or even try wearing some new clothes that aren't "fashionable" but wear them because you think they look good and screw what anyone else thinks. Other people (and society) shouldn't dictate who we are and what we wear and we shouldn't be afraid to be different. Anyway enough rambling I think so I leave you with this video...

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  1. Im sorry tom but I dont agree with you at argue everyone is generic, but only by extenstion of their clothes, clothes are irrelevant when discussing true individuality, the fact is, it aint being generic..its fashion mate, there are only a limited number of shops and limited number of clothes available..if we could all have personal fashion desingers we would but that aint gonna happen, true individuality is down to basic personality, hobbies, ambitions, shouldnt matter at all if we all wearing skinny jeans