Friday, 9 October 2009

"Many Places I Wont Go, Many Faces That I'll Never Know"

The above quote is from a song by a band called Once Over, who come from good old Brighton town, and it ties in with the conversation I had today in my lecture. The discussion of what life is and what is the meaning of life has plagued man kind for thousands of years and will hardly be answered in a three hour lecture that is supposed to be about Drama but somehow got turned into a philosophical debate. One thing popped up though that I would like to address.

Throughout our daily lives we see hundreds of people we will never properly meet and most likely never see again. And in a way I find this slightly depressing. Of course when I walk past someone in the street I don't know that person, they could be a complete asshole or they could be a really awesome person, but the thought that I will never see that person ever again makes me slightly, and strangely, sad. I may be alone in this but I could sit in a cafe for hours just watching people and making up stories about their lives. I made this comment in my class and was branded a stalker because of it (along with a communist but that’s another story). But still it's totally depressing how many people there are in the world and how few of them I will actually get to meet and it's also depressing how many interesting and exciting places there are and how few I will actually get to visit.

In other news The Moon was bombed to find water. Odd huh?

Peace, Love and Respect. As Always.

-- Tom RDD

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