Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Death of a genre...

Right this is a slightly depressing post, well for me anyway. Today I found out that one of my favourite bands are splitting up. This might seem slightly pathetic to some but this band are a local band I practically spent my teen years watching and listening to and therefore in an odd way the band means a lot to me. The band is called Once Over and I'm sure if you live anywhere near Brighton and know your punk music you will have heard of them.

I started to get into ska and punk music when I was about 13 through school and was then ridiculed by the people who introduced me to it because I wasn't considered part of the "cool kids". To get more involved in the local music scene and gain more knowledge of this genre that fascinated me so much me and a few friends would go to the legendary Brighton Punk Rocks and Once Over were one of the first bands I saw play. I was also lucky enough to see two other Brighton ska bands that have since departed the local music scene (Ska Gal and Out of Luck). Anyway I spent a great deal of my teenage years watching and listening to Once Over and I consider them to be one of my favourite bands and I loose count of how many times I have them live and I can practically recite every song word for word. Therefore it with slight sadness I wish them the best of luck with their individual futures and I plan on travelling almost 200 miles to see their last ever show in Brighton on the 22nd of February. Things change and things move on but I believe this is yet another huge blow to the Brighton ska scene. My utmost respect goes to guys from Once Over. Check them out if you will:


peace, love and respect. always.

-- Tom RDD

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