Sunday, 1 February 2009

Mumbo Jumbo

After a brisk morning "workout" of playing football for an hour I am back to writing on here. Huzzah! I hear you cry, but what shall I write about? well I recently wrote about me writing a story and well here is an extract from the opening:

"I wish I could say I was a perfect sixteen year old with a perfect family, with a perfect life. Well nobody’s life is perfect and it seems mine’s far from it. In years to come I will probably look back and laugh at how little I know about life’s experiences but as a sixteen year old living in the here and now it seems nothing ever goes my way"

There you have it. An extract of a story I started writing when I was 16. The reason I like this opening is because of one of lines ("in years to come I will probably look back and laugh at how little I know about life’s experiences") I think that line can pretty much be put into any context and applied to any age. Of course when we are teenagers we feel the need to rebel and most of us probably feel a certain degree of alienation and experience hard times, but when I look back onto my life and think about all the "hard" things I went through none of them seem so bad anymore. of course things like family circumstance never loose their sting no matter how old you get but overall the things I used to worry about probably wouldn't even phase me now.

And this leads me onto my topic of today. Regrets. Most people will regret someting they've said or done in their lives. However, I do not regret a thing and I don't think people, if they are happy with their lives, should regret anything. The things we have said and done make us who we are today and although I am far from perfect I think the person I am today is a pretty good person, not to blow one's own trumpet. But looking back into the past I honestly wouldn't change a thing because that would compromise what I have now, and for better or worse, I like now.

peace, love and respect. as always.

-- Tom RDD

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