Monday, 16 February 2009

Frightened of this thing I've become...

It seems I only write on here when something is on my mind and it is rarely a positive thought that graces my mind when I think to write on here. It's amazing what comes to your mind on a lonely night.

Today I am talking about changing into something that you never thought you would be. Is this a bad thing? Well that depends on your perception on "good" and "bad". I myself think I am going through slight changes day by day with some being good and others being bad. I've opened my mind to more music, good, yet I have become more detached with my family, bad. The later I am trying to change because my family mean a lot to me. It doesn't help that my sister moved to Canada next week but I would like to think I have tried my best to convey how much I care for her and given her and my soon to be brother in-law my best wishes coated with love and brotherly protection. I am of course rather envious of their adventure as I wish I could do something like that and I plan to when I leave university. Maybe New York? Maybe Sydney? Who knows. It's years ahead and as I'm trying to live in here and now it seems rude to break my pact with the New Year's resolution gods.

Anyway, my summary for today: Change is as natural as the setting sun. It happens every day, sometimes we like these changes and sometimes we hate them. Some changes over the last few months still hurt me but I have tried my best to move on. In my opinion the things that are the most important during these times are those closest to you. I know I can rely on my closest friends to pick me up when I'm down. I should really tell them one of these days...

Peace, love and respect. as always.

-- Tom RDD

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