Wednesday, 25 February 2009

After that little interlude...

Right, after my post about the god that Bob Marley is, I have decided to write a bit about my adventure with Iain to the record sale that was in town on Saturday. Right first off I must say the night before me, Iain and Iain's mate Alex went skating around town for a good 4 hours in the middle of the night and it was really the most liberating thing I have done in a long time. The streets were empty and we skated until we literally couldn't skate anymore. Armed with long boards and my trusty skate board we hit the town at about midnight and skated until about 4am. We went to some pretty wicked spots such as the Cathedral, a few car parks and around the outskirts of the town centre which all had good spots for street and to catch a bit of speed. We even bumped into some old school punkers who we spoke to for a good 15 minutes about random stuff. Top dollar!

Anyway, after a long skate a few hours before, we marched into town and to the pub to watch some football and eat some lunch and of course get a few ciders as it was a surprisingly sunny day. After lunch was consumed and bottles of cider were drunk me and Iain (Alex had departed that morning and had ventured back to Cardiff) ventured off to find the record sale. We went to an old town hall by the looks of things and went on a hunt to find some cool records. There were loads of old school reggae, ska and punk vinyl’s which any self respecting fan should try to purchase in their life (mine being the Dead Kennedy hit "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" which I picked up for £2). There were many other vinyl’s I would have loved to have got my hands on (such as The Clash, Madness and various Trojan records) but with little money in my pocket I settled for the DK record. I am very pleased with myself thus this blog post. Next time the record sale is on I will buy more and even take a few pics to post as it really does interest me.

AND lastly, Lent. What are people giving up? I myself am giving up my name kind of, apparently I am no longer Tom but Thomas (joy!), and also giving up money. I hate the stuff as it just tempts me to spend it. So no more “Tom” or money for me (unless I need food).

Peace, love and respect, as always.

-- Tom RDD

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