Tuesday, 23 February 2010

100 resolutions

I stole this from a friend. It's about the 100 things I would love to do in my life before I die. As I was drifting off to sleep last night I was thinking about the two types of lives people tend to lead. A life of fulfillment or a life of success. Is it possible to lead both or do the sacrifices you make it impossible (i.e. Family or Career). I know what I would choose if I had to. So here's a list of 100 things I want to do in the time I have. Some are personal, others are simply dreams. Many will probably never happen. But that's what dreams are. Things we long for or to do that might not become reality.

1. Get married
2. Become a father
3. Go into space
4. Go to see a Broadway show
5. Busk in Central Park, NY
6. Record a solo album
7. Do some volunteer work
8. Teach
9. Swim with a whale
10. Sky dive
11. Bungee jump
12. Jump out of a helicopter with a snowboard on top of a mountain
13. Visit Australia
14. Go across the Australian outback on a buggy
15. Be a radio DJ
16. Write a play
17. Write a book
18. Be in a film
19. As a musician, get chants to come on stage
20. Headline a huge gig in London
21. Learn to mute and up-stroke
22. Stay up all night and walk around town aimlessly
23. Walk around NY all night
24. Find a secluded spot and sleep under the stars
25. Record onto vinyl
26. Form a 50's rock n' roll band
27. Get a degree
28. Get over my inhibitions
29. Be happy with myself
30. Travel
31. Busk on the tube
32. Record a music video on a train
33. Stand up for the right thing
34. To always be different
35. Play at a jazz club
36. Actually go to a Jazz club
37. Build a time machine (woo!)
38. Learn the Lindy hop
39. Learn to jive
40. Make my own sandwich and name it after me
41. To own a shop in the North Lanes (Brighton)
42. Have an apartment in Brighton
43. Have an apartment in New York
44. Buy my own home
45. Have my own pet
46. Have a recording studio in my house
47. Pay my parents back for all they've done for me
48. Play a huge gig and make the tickets free
49. Do a "Where's Fluffy" (Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist) and put clues around for people to find where the gig was
50. Go to the airport and buy a ticket on the first plane leaving
51. Get on the first train leaving the station regardless of where it's going
52. Stay up to watch the sun rise
53. Learn to drive
54. On a Sunday, get up early and just drive
55. Travel across Europe
56. Busk across Europe
57. Busk across the States
58. Go to College in the US just to see if they are awesome as TV and film make them out to be
59. Smoke with Seth Rogan just to see if the way he acts in his films is what he is like in real life
60. Grow a beard
61. Do the London to Brighton bike ride
62. Learn Judo
63. Do a drama therapy workshop
64. Have a plan as to what I want to do after Uni
65. Learn the trombone
66. Give blood
67. Become an organ donor
68. Dive in a cage with a great white shark
69. Learn to fly
70. Save the world
71. Go surfing USA
72. Climb a mountain
73. Find faith
74. Ride a motorbike from the east to the west coast of the USA
75. Go on total wipe out
76. Protest against the injustices in the world
77. Go to every capital city in Europe
78. Learn to play the bagpipes
79. Stand behind a waterfall
80. Dig up a Dinosaur
81. Be involved in a Go-Kart race
82. To see the Earth from space
83. To visit Auschwitz
84. Sit in a park and watch the world go by on a Sunny Day
85. Sit on the grass and do nothing
86. Go to the Opera in Italy
87. Be comfortable with who I am
88. Learn to be more positive
89. Create my own comedy show
90. Do stand up comedy
91. Be forgiven
92. To propose to the girl I love in the most romantic way possible
93. To have an amazing, original wedding
94. To live a good life
95. Be half as good a Father as mine was to me (love you Dad)
96. Give wisdom to my children
97. When I'm old tell stories to my grand kids
98. Have a positive effect on someones life
99. Die happy
100. To be remembered, if only for a little while

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