Friday, 5 February 2010

Share with me this little time

There's a lot of things that get me thinking. A lot of things that make me angry for no apparent reason and a lot of things that make me angry for good reason. In all fairness, I do have some anger issues but then who doesn't? Most of my anger is vented when I go on (and on) about certain things I see in life and sometimes it's out of my control and is completely illogical. I've lost count of how many times I've been infuriated and left the local bar/ club on a Wednesday for simply wanting something more, something original, something new. This is not because of the people closest to me, it is not because of alcohol, it's because I see most of popular society (music, fashion etc) as ordinary, mediocre and generic, in doing so I can't seem to find anything "extraordinary", unless I'm with that special someone who brings me peace, makes me whole. Is it because I am not with her that I get angry? Of course not. I get angry when I see the same mediocre society when I'm with her but she is there to calm me, bring me back from the brink and show me that not everyone in this world is content with being the same, something I've seemingly become blind to seeing. She is most individual person I know. The only person I know who will not be held down by what society dictates she should or should not do. She is completely opposite to me and will find the good and the bad in the situations I seemingly can't. I am so very proud of her. She is my hero. And I wish I could be like her.

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  1. :) you make me the happiest and I think thats the loveliest thing to write about me. x