Sunday, 28 February 2010

The City Limits...

Just a quick one today. In fact I'm not even sure why I'm writing anything. I guess I'm just excited about the music I am making. To be creating music again has really put me in a good mood. The fact I can write a song, show it to someone (who is biased but we won't tell anyone) and have them hum the tune and have in their head after you've finished playing is a very positive thing to hear. I also went for a bit of a photo shoot today which was really awesome, I never knew I could look so cool (will put some pictures up in the near future). So anyway, to wrap up a rather senseless and self fulfilling post, I am pleased to say that the music is coming along very well and I can't wait to get some more material done. Potential E.P in the summer? That would make my year!

Peace, love and respect. Always

-- Tom RDD

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