Monday, 29 March 2010

As I sit here thinking hard of something meaningful to say I'm plugging my playlist (which can be found below) thinking of all the things I have learnt from my second year at Worcester Uni (or my 3rd year in general). So far this year has gone incredibly fast. It really doesn't feel like the year is almost over. So much has happened, so many faces have come and gone. I've grown apart from some good friends that this time last year meant the world to me but I have also solidified old friendships and made new ones with people I never imagined I would have a real conversation with let alone become close friends with. My course renewed my passion for drama and acting just as quickly as it snatched it away again, my passion for music has taken over and has given me strength, escape, a place to write and sing my heart out and even a place to cry. Like many people I've been through hard times at Uni and this year has probably been the hardest for me but if it wasn't for those closest to me literally pulling me through I would probably not have made it this far. Sometimes things are easier when we walk away, I know this from first hand experience as I'm sure many people do.

So this leads me on the the overall theme of the post. Choice. It is always there, sometimes we are denied choice. Sometimes the choices we make we regret, other times we regret not making those choices. I've never been one for regret, our successes and mistakes make us who we are and I've always been happy with who I am regardless. As of late I may not have dealt with things the way some people think I should have but the truth is I don't regret the way I've dealt with my problems because everyone deals with things differently. Some like to cry and some like to laugh. I am somewhere in the middle. One positive thing that has come out of this is that I have started appreciating the here and now.

"Live like there's no tomorrow because there isn't one"

Peace, love, respect, unity

-- Tom RDD

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