Monday, 19 January 2009

Piece of this place...

I find it increasingly surprising how much a place (in this case a city) can mean so much. I am currently in Canterbury where I ventured for the first time on the University adventure. The city holds so many good memories for me and I was surprised that I found myself with a knot in my stomach when I arrived here. It was very hard for me emotionally to see the place where I had lived and spent so many good times. I'm sure the level of emotion I felt was also helped by the consuming of alcohol and the memories I hold of that place, the friends I gained and lost and the people who I regarded as my family. To loose your family, even if that family is just a way you view some very good friends, is a hard thing. I still keep in contact with many of them but some others have shattered the bridge between us and it pains me to say I don't think I will see those people again. I've tried very hard to get in contact with certain people but to no avail. When I leave this place I always take with me a sense of hope, happiness and sadness. In my heart Canterbury will always be my home away from home, but I'm looking to the future to right the wrongs that happened and make sure those "wrongs" do not repeat themselves in my new home away from home, Worcester where the rest of my family live.

It's hard having people you love all over the country because it makes it so difficult to see them at times. But if you really love them you will go through just about anything to be with them.

Peace, love and respect. as always

-- Tom RDD

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