Saturday, 10 January 2009

resolutions & solutions

Right I've been meaning to do this for a while. Write down all the things I should try to do in 2009. 2008 was a pretty hectic year for me and it opened my eyes to say the least.

January - April 2008 - It is hard to believe that during this time I was in a different place in my life. Although only a year ago I would like to believe I have changed a lot since. In 2008 I was attending the University Of Kent and wasn't happy at all. I was stuck on a course that offered me literally nothing. So I left to seek brighter pastures. Unfortunately my leaving meant I lost some very good friends one or two in particular that meant a lot to me, and due to the circumstance I left under we are no longer friends.

April - Early September 2008 - I realised how full time employment controls your life and not in a good way. Doing the 9 - 5, five days a week. Not something I want to be doing in a hurry. Being tired, bored and wishing to be somewhere else is not how I want to live my life in the future.

Summer 2008 - Although I was in full time employment the summer was a time of happiness and hope. In the summer I got to travel to New York with my girlfriend Becki which was probably the best holiday I have had. Spending a week in an incredible city with an incredible person. I would very much like to live in NY one day. During the summer I also celebrated my 2 year anniversary with Becki. Two years normally seems like a long time to me, however the last two years, although having their ups and down, have been the best of my life so far.
The summer also had some not so pleasant ventures. The summer saw the demise of my semi-successful ska band Run Down Door. RDD meant so much to me and to watch it self destruct, mainly down to my own doing was heart breaking. RDD was everything I had ever wanted in a band. Good friends playing music which I had so much passion for. I had wanted to be apart of a ska band ever since I had seen Brighton legends Ska Gal, Out Of Luck and Once Over play when I was still a young teenager around the age of 14. The summer looked to be a bright one for the band with gigs lined up supporting Skaville UK at a venue which I had always wanted to play (The Concorde 2 in Brighton)and supporting Catch-it Kebabs (also in Brighton). RDD's demise did not come of a surprise to me. I had sensed tension in the band for a long time and tried to ease this tension the best I could but it failed and the band disbanded without anyone saying a word about it. It was a silent agreement that RDD was dead and gone.

September - December 2008 -- A pretty hard time for me personally. Becki had gone off to Uni and I was going somewhere new with so many doubts in my head. Being so far away from someone you love is the hardest thing I have ever experiences. Not being able to talk to them and not knowing how they are is pretty soul crushing. To feel like the person you love is living their life and becoming someone new without you by their side to experience it with them is life changing. But being positive and stubborn me and Becki have got through, what I hope will be the toughest part of it.
I've met some really good people in this time and have re-discovered my passion for acting which I thought had deserted me forever. These people are like my family now and I know life would be very different if they were not there to support me through the good times and bad.

So a very interesting 2008 which hasn't been the most positive year now I look back on it. But I don't intend to live in the past I intend to live in the now and look forward to the future which I hope will be bright!

here are a few goals I aim to achieve this year:

1)Live Life Like I've Never Lived Before: In the past I have been too cautious and lazy to try new things. I would like to change this straight away and start living so I don't regret anything when I'm older.

2) Stop living in the past: I've pretty much always done this. Always looked back at the "good old days" and this has stopped me realising what is going on here and now. I don't want to miss now because of the past. The past has happened and I can't change a thing about it and I can't go back and relive it.

3) Become more open again: Recently I have become closed off and pretty sceptical. Maybe it has been my experience in full time employment that has made me this way. But I know I don't really like it too much.

4) Manage my money better: Anyone who knows me well will know I'm pretty terrible with money. It burns a hole in my pocket and now I'm buying my own food and funding myself I need to control myself more.

5) Get fit and eat healthier: self explanatory. Started in late 2008 so I just need to keep it up in 2009!

So that is my story and my plan. I hope whatever resolutions you decide to embark upon they bring you happiness.

Peace, love and respect, as always.

-- Tom RDD


  1. I love you and I like your new years resolutions! Swing danceing for us!hehe!
    much love

  2. Nice one dude, good luck with your resolutions and goals, and remember to keep thinking positive ;)