Monday, 26 January 2009

Crack a smile...

It has been a while since I've posted in my beloved blog. Since I last wrote in here I've seen rather a lot of the English country side as I've been travelling around to see friends and my beloved Rebecca (it feels odd to say Rebecca but I like it). At this very moment I am sitting on Rebecca's (hehe) bed. Recently I've been trying to vary my music preference and start listening to new bands which I have been doing pretty well with and one song I have been listening to is a song I haven't been able to get out of my head in days. The song is called "Let Go" by Frou Frou and it appeared in one of my favourite films "Garden State", which I strongly suggest you watch it if you have not seen it before. However, I warn you it is a very "marmite" film. You either love it of you hate it. I have never came across anyone who is in the "middle", if you like, of the film but if you are in the "middle" please let me know as I would like you to be the first person I know to ever be in the "middle". Anyway the song is a really nice song that I really enjoy listening to.

Right enough about the "middle", since I've been travelling rather a bit over the last few weeks it has given my time to catch up on my writing. Yes I right who would have guessed? I am currently writing a sci-fi book (a star wars book to be precise and yes I am a HUGE nerd) and I've managed to work on a book that I started writing when I was 15 years old! So i've been going over the story and replacing words and sentences which made sense back then but don't now. The story I'm writing is called Edge 2 Edge and is based around a character I always wished I could be during my early teens. The character, John, Lives in the USA and is basically a "dude" considered cool and all that who plays in a band and is a good skater. The story is based on his life as he and his mother move around the country trying to find peace and tranquility after his parents divorce. Maybe one day soon I will put extracts on here and you can laugh at my feeble 15 year old atempt to write a book. But more of that later...

Anyway, the world is now officially "different" as Obama is in the White House, what a speech eh?, and he was sworn in twice? Wow he is popular. Anyway the next few weeks and months should be very interesting and even if you are not as politically minded as me I strongly suggest you keep an ear glued to the news to see what is going on in the world. The world is going through a very rocky time at the moment with the credit crunch and of course the "trouble" in Israel, but I hope people can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Things will change and hopefully sooner rather than later. But in the mean time watch Garden State to make you happy as it truly is a brilliant film and I have learnt some important lessons from it. One of which is my advice for the day:

Do something completely original like a movement or odd sound, something that has never been done before or will be done again. "How is that possible?!?!?!" I hear you cry. Well if you think about it if you do something really odd on a certain spot chances are no one has done that exact movement or has made that exact sound on that exact spot before and no one ever will do it exactly the same again. mind boggling huh?

anyway after a rather LONG post riddled with spelling mistakes I give you my love.

Peace, Love and respect as always

-- Tom RDD

p.s. I have purchased a new bass guitar today! HOORA! It's probably pretty crap but I'm going to make it better by customising it and such. oh and it's pink!


  1. Pink instruments are under rated! I used a pink telecaster when we recorded our album and it was awesome! :)

  2. haha very much agree with you mate. It's a pretty nice bass in all honesty just needs some tweaking here and there. But my god does it look pretty :)