Sunday, 14 June 2009

It's only me that can change...

I have just returned from a shortened weekend in Canterbury with my friends from UKC that I have not seen in a few months. It was really awesome to see my friends after such a long time and the Canterbury Arts Fest was an excellent way to spend some quality time catching up by spending care free hours in the sun, listening to music and drinking cheap cider. Over the period of the day I managed to close the door on a part of my life which has created a lot of negative feelings over the last year. I won't write the reason directly but after a 3 hour train journey I have found words that describe how I feel about a certain person, who for a while I was best friends with. In short I dropped out of UKC and we are no longer friends. The door closed on this situation because I managed to finally say to his face that I was sorry (even though I do not think I was in the wrong. However it was more important to me to try and resurrect a friendship rather than fight over who was right or wrong) for the events of the past and was sorry if I had ever hurt him. Needless to say he was not interested in my apology but regardless of this, the door is now closed. So in the words of Drewvis...

Including two from ten, you'll see that I was always there
Through every thick and every thin,
From outside, in.
I've stopped believing in things you said that always held me up,
Coz you turned your back on everything...

And now as everyday goes by, it's harder to make things right
But I can see, you're blind - not free...
And all I wanted was to help

I know I owe you things but you owe me much more than that,
If money's all you think I'm worth - then take it back.
And I'll take the hand that I gave you each time I found you off the track,
I wish you so much luck in finding what you lack.

And this is where our journey ends,
I'll see you when my memories come by,
Though I will never understand, why every best friend somehow seems to die.

Peace, love and respect. Always.

-- Tom RDD

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