Monday, 29 June 2009

I am writing this, not to be the same as every other person on the planet but because I feel I need to reference something. That's right, Michael Jackson. But unlike many others I will not be sucking up to him saying he was a huge influence on my life because that just isn't true. To me MJ was just a strange looking guy who had some good songs in the 80's and he couldn't quite recapture that during the 90's and 00's. What I really intend to write about today is the hypocracy of mankind. Over the last few years I have really seen this come to light more and more.

My first example is Heath Ledger. When he died everyone started hailing him as a great actor when in my view, as a wanna-be actor myself, he was nothing more than good. Previous to "The Dark Knight" nothing he did really gave him credit to his ability. I would hardly call his performances in "A Knights Tale", "Ned Kelly" and "10 Things I Hate About You" amazing performances worthy of him being called "an amazing actor" but as soon as he died (and even before Dark Knight had been released) people started calling him an "amazing actor" which in my view just wasn't true at the time. After seeing Dark Knight, which I was quite sceptical of seeing, I did indeed think it was an incredible performance however this was AFTER I had seen Dark Knight and not just after he had died. Secondly, and no way near in any comparison to Heath or MJ, Jade Goody. She spent years being hated by people because they jumped on the "Jade is a racist" bandwagon but as soon as she gets cancer people start talking about the influence she has had on their lives. And finally MJ. I'm not going to lie and suddenly forget about all the child abuse charges, In my mind it was slightly odd and sick he insisted on sleeping in the same bed as young children regardless of whatever reason he gave for not having a childhood. I also thought his actions whilst dangling his child out of a window were that of a man who is not all that stable.

The point of this post is not to discredit or disrespect any of the above in anyway. It is merely to point out the hypocracy in today's society. People saying what a huge affect MJ was on their lives when mere days before his death they considered him a freak and a peidofile. Or calling Jade a racist bitch but as soon as she gets cancer depicting her as some sort of angel. I am not going to say MJ was a huge influence on my life because he wasn't. Infact I wouldn't even put him in the top ten. I respect him as a muscian but not much more. I think it far more disrespectful to suddenly respect someone in their death when you've been calling them names for years than just to admit even in death they were still those things you originally thought about them. I still think MJ was a strange, wierd nosed, possible peido who had good music but my thoughts on him aren't going to suddenly change because he has passed away.


Peace, love and respect. always.

-- Tom RDD

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