Monday, 8 June 2009

Unity. What does it mean today?

I've been wracking my brains to find something interesting to write about. I could rant on about how the recent EU election saw two members of a racist and fascist party (who I will not dignify with a name) win seats or I could talk about North Korea or various other topics on Twitter's topic list. If I'm honest it's the former. There is a constant reminder of the stupidity and ignorance of some of the people in this country. Almost 1,000,000 voted BNP and that is very VERY scary. Luckily I live in the south (whey!) and it really seems we are more open minded and less ignorant (no offence unless you are a BNP voter then all offence intended). I was thinking about why people vote for such extremes in times of instability. The only reason I can think of that normal everyday people (excluding most of the racist bastards that usually vote BNP) would vote for the BNP is because the BNP offer them a scapegoat. Let's face it people don't like being shown their own downfalls so they like to point the blame in another direction because it means they don't have to take responsibility. And on this occasion the head-racist or whatever he calls himself over at the BNP said "Let's blame brown people!" and low and behold the idiots of this country go "oh wait, yeah it's those damn immigrants! Let's blame them!". Now at this point the slightly more intelligent human (i.e. those who count up to and past 5) say "wait a minute. That's not true" But unfortunately those who can't count as high as their own IQ point their ignorant fingers in the direction of a group of people who they fear because they don't know anything about them. Simple human logic really, to fear the unknown but damn it people it's not fucking good enough! The people who believe those stupid BNP campaign slogans like "Veterans vote BNP" (Actually I think you'll find they fought a war against the fascist ideology YOU morons at the BNP SUPPORT so why in the name of Zeus would they vote for you!) or WWJD? (I know the BNP actually used JESUS as a campaign slogan. "WTF?" I hear you cry. Jesus, whether you believe he was the son of god or not, stood AGAINST everything you stand for! He was a Jew and most likely a shade of brown himself! He also thought love and peace was the way forward not racism and xenophobia!

At some point the idiots in this country need to stop being idiots because one day someone like me will get very angry and blow them all the fuck up! I'm all up for freedom of expression and freedom of belief but I don't know how people can be so closed minded (he say's while ranting about a "political ideology") and stupid enough to believe the racist slur that comes out of the BNP's member's mouths.

Let me lay down some straight facts about the BNP before I make this rant far longer than I intended:

- When asked in 1993 if the BNP was racist, its deputy leader Richard Edmonds said, "WE ARE 100 PER CENT RACIST, YES". Although this was almost 20 years ago now a party based on racist views often keeps those views for a long time if not throughout the party’s existence.

- Any black person who commits a crime would also be thrown out of the country, even those who were born here.

- Mixed race relationships would be outlawed.

- According to party number two, Tony Lecomber, the preservation of the white race can be done through a racial eugenic programme

- The BNP, its former leaders and present leader, Nick Griffin, have PROMOTED ANTI-SEMITISM and HOLOCAUST DENIAL

And there are many MANY more reasons why this party MUST be stopped. I'm sorry to push my political views onto people but if you believe in tolerance, peace, love and respect please visit various anti-BNP sites like Hope Not Hate and anti-racist organisations such as Plea For Peace. United we stand, divided we fall.

Peace, love and respect. Always.

-- Tom RDD

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