Friday, 21 May 2010

Don't Look Back In Anger

It's been a very strange second year at Worcester University. In all honesty, and without sounding too melodramatic it is not a year I will look back on fondly. A lot of good things have happened this year don't get me wrong. The antics at 85 have been incredible. Watching Battlestar with Taz over and over again, singing the theme tune differently each time, playing Nazi Zombies for hours on end trying to beat our previous score and many other great memories that don't involve a screen but involve close friends coming together and having fun.

I have made some really good new friends since Christmas, people I never imagined I would be as close to as I am. I have grown stronger and closer with others and sadly a fair few friends have drifted away. I have become more self confident thanks to my time at Loco and I have met some great people there that I will not forget as they made me feel like I belonged, something I haven't really felt since starting University.

However the good parts of this year have been overshadowed by the last few months. Without meaning to sound too depressing and using this as a "diary", which gets people pissed off apparently, I have been through some pretty tough times. I know my problems are fail in comparison to others but these are my burdens to bear and at times it has been a real challenge. I have been dealing with depression since Christmas and I have been fighting for the survival of my relationship with the girl I love. It has been a very tough, emotional few weeks, weeks I would sooner forget.

I still have a week left of University but people have started to leave. This time last year I was shedding a tear when those close to me left. This year I feel so detached from some people the only tear I think I will shed is one of self pity as I leave my room. A room that holds so many memories, good and bad but it will always be a room where my life changed forever.

So Say We All

-- Tom RDD

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  1. Here's to hoping 2010 improves and that 61 will bring some amazing times!! <3