Friday, 9 April 2010

I Speak Because I Can

I got this album through the door today. It came right before I was about to venture off on a 5 hour journey from my home town of Burgess Hill (just outside Brighton) to Worcester. I spent the first leg of my journey frantically trying to put the CD onto my laptop and onto my ipod without my laptop battery dying (it has a tendency to do that). I was then lost in a different world for 10 superb tracks. The album is incredible. Musically it is outstanding, lyrically it is incredible. Stand out tracks include the title track, I Speak Because I Can, Devil's Spoke, Blackberry Stone, Hope In The Air, What He Wrote in fact there is not a weak track on the album. It is an incredible journey from start to finish. I was left wanting only more. When I finally finished my own journey back to Worcester I managed to watch the accompanying DVD which gives an insight into Laura's "friends" which include Mumford & Sons, Johnny Flynn, Pete Roe, Sons Of Noel & Adrian and many others. The DVD features live videos from the Royal Festival Hall show and shows the friendship and respect amongst the UK "folk scene". A great DVD and an incredible album.


-- Tom RDD

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  1. mmmm laura marling....

    what a great album! amen to all that you said. She is brilliant, and such an inspiration.