Friday, 20 March 2009

Come on son you haven't got a chance now...

This picture is literally making me smile... rather a bit!

10 points to the person to guesses what it is (not that it is difficult). Anyway, sorry about the lack of updates. Haven't really had much brewing around the old noggin of vague intelligence over the last few days, however someone did tell me that my blog was "very intellectual" which made me laugh a fair bit. I will say one thing however; to give the vague impression I am doing something to inspire you blog readers. Isn't it amazing how the weather can affect our mood? Where I am at the moment (which is Worcester in the west midlands, UK) it is ridiculously sunny and rather warm. And because of this smashing weather I have been feeling very positive. For example I woke up the other day in literally the worst mood ever, I missed my girlfriend, missed home and felt generally lonely. I went out in the sun with some friends and within 10 minutes my problems just faded away. I of course have my very good friends to thank for this but also the weather. Thank you Mother Nature! I of course still miss my beautiful girlfriend and home but the weather helps me see the bright (no pun intended) side of life and remind me I will be with them soon. But until I get to hold Becki in my arms again I will just have to make do with the great weather and lay on the grass and literally do nothing (thank you [Scrubs]). Anyway, wherever you are, whatever you are doing I hope you are enjoying yourself and making the best of it.

Peace, love and respect. as always.

-- Tom RDD

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