Sunday, 29 March 2009


Be aware this rant may offend some of you. If you like celebrity culture and all that you might not want to read on. But other wise give it a read...

This has been on my mind for a while. Jade Goody. No, I'm not going to make any jokes about her but I WILL tell the truth as I see it. She was a washed up wannabe celebrity. She was famous just because she was on Big Brother and that is nothing to be proud of. She then went on Big Brother and called someone a "poppodom" which to be honest is insensitive but not exactly the worst racial slur in the world. Then everyone jumped on the "I Hate Jade" bandwagon and pretended to give a crap about racism just because it was on their televisions sets. Then after a wile flitting around doing pretty much jack shit she gets cancer. Now let me make this clear. Cancer is NOT funny. Members of my family have died of cancer and I know the pain it causes. But it makes me laugh at how the people who hated this woman for being "racist" then suddenly started feeling sorry for her. People saying she has kids, yeah well so do most of the other cancer patients that are in the UK but people don't care about them. Not that they really should, you don't know them, you’ve never met them and they've never influenced your lives in anyway. Cancer is just a very sad fact we have to deal with in this life. So the nation was worshipping a wannabe celebrity because she had cancer. I feel sorry for her family but you will not catch me jumping on the "it's a tragedy" bandwagon. It's not a tragedy; she did NOTHING this country can be proud of. It's sad that her kids are going to grow up without a mom but what about all the other kids who don't have parents that most of you don’t think twice about because they don't have a "celebrity" mother. And NOW to make matters worse for people like me who are sick of hearing about this bloody woman, they are making a film! OF WHAT?!?!? Her life? What the hell did she do that's worth a film deal? This is an honest question someone please tell me WHY! Was it all the money she gave to charity, oh wait she didn’t! Granted kids come first but how much money did she make from all those interviews she did in those wank magazines like Hello? And yet none of her money went to cancer research or other cancer charities. You would think after all the thousands of pounds she made she could at least give SOME money to charity. If someone can provide me with links and sources that she did give money to charity I will revise my opinion on that matter. However, the point remains. This country is becoming increasingly obsessed with 3rd rate celebrity and it’s starting to worry me somewhat.

This is my opinion and if you don't like it tough.

-- Tom RDD

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