Thursday, 12 March 2009

Some free advice...

Some free advice for you all today. Don't be different when you can't be yourself. Simple as that. What does it mean? Well it's pretty self explanatory. People sometimes forget who they really are at heart in the society we live in (which has taken a dicking from me as of late) with people obsessed with being cool, being in with the "right" crowd and fashionable. I'm not suggesting everyone is like this and I'm not saying the above things are bad (although all have bad aspects) but I'm merely pointing out that when we strive to be liked by people and we try and keep up with the latest "in thing" we sometimes forget things about ourselves. Our morals, our values and our self respect. For instance I've seen people who I thought I knew pretty well turn into assholes over the last year because of fear of being considered "un-cool" (but I guess it's all from my perspective). It's easy to forget ourselves when we are trying to fit in and be "hip" but hopefully we never do anything we will hate ourselves for. So my advice to you is just remember your roots and your morals. Never become something you hate. Trust me it's not a nice feeling.

Peace, love and respect, as always.

-- Tom RDD

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