Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Laugh a nervous laugh and listen to what's on the radio...

Recently I have realized something about my fellow man. People (in general) will do anything to get on top and some of today's society just want to be famous for practically anything. As long as they get there name in some second rate magazine about another new hair style for some washed out wannabe pop star, they are happy. What happened to society? Do we really live in an age where people would rather sleep with someone to get to the top over hard work? When was this choice made? I always hoped we were a society in which we would try and fight tooth and nail to be number one BUT not stoop to lowest of levels to get there. Do people have no self respect anymore? I guess some people just don't care and will do anything to get to the "top". Well I pity them because if their self respect is anywhere near as low as the respect I have for them they will have none, nothing, nada! Maybe I am on my high horse here, but I have standards. I want to be the best because I am the best not because I can sleep around.

Anyway, rant over now. I have such an urge to get back into music. I really want get involved in the general music thing again. It has been far too long since I took to a stage and played music. In fact it's been a while since I even picked up an instrument and played it with the passion I used to have. Need to start a band me thinks and get playing again.

Peace, love and respect (as long as your not included in the rant above)

-- Tom RDD

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