Wednesday, 23 June 2010

What do you hear? Nothing but the rain...

I don't say it nearly enough but I love my best friend, Taz. After a joking conversation with him on the phone and joking conversation with a friend over who loved their best friend more, it really made me realise how much I miss him. I know it's normally hard for guys to say, and almost always looked upon as "gay" or whatever but I really do love that man. It took me 19 years to find a friend I trust with my life, a friend who I can sit in silence with without it being awkward, a friend that I can always count on and a friend who I can share incredibly emotional moments with one minute and joke and laugh the next. The song below is a song that always reminds me of him and how much I care about him.

Taz -"what do you hear Lightyear?"
Me - "nothing but the rain"
Taz - "get your gun and bring in the cat"
so say we all

-- Tom RDD

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